Victorian era writer and philosopher, John Ruskin, has been quoted as saying, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” Did he actually say it? Write it? Hear it, and repeat it, being credited with its origins? *shrug* Who knows, really. We’ll assume it was Mr. Ruskin who said it. What we need not assume, however, is the truth of the statement . . . because the truth rings true EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Now, to continue a little assumption, does the statement suggest the adage, “Love what you do and it will never be work?” Or is there something more diverse about it—something that doesn’t center around self? For me, I believe the latter. For me, I do what I love, partner with someone who has skills where I don’t, and stand back admiring the communal masterpiece!

With that in mind, I’ll get straight to the heart of things: USE PROFESSIONALS!! Every single person has skills, talents, gifts, and passions. There is no way, no matter what you have been told, that you can be good at all the aspects your career will require to propel you forward. So, be involved with all the aspects, join in on decisions, learn; but never think you can do something better than someone else who does one of those aspects for a living. Give everyone their due, and together, you can be whatever your wildest dreams have convinced you you can be—a singer, actor, stunt star . . . writer.

USE PROFESSIONALS! I said it again. My webpage was put together by Happy Scribe Media. Yes, there are cheap (or even free) sites with fill-in-the-blank pages that are quick and easy (and dare I say, often cheesy), but spend the money for a quality website. You have no idea how much those quick, cheap websites CAN NOT do until you try to take a payment, add new products, post videos, interact with your audience . . .

My photos were taken and edited by Sheena Pendley Design & Photography. Sheena and her partner work as photographers daily. They have the right equipment, the experience to understand proper lighting, editing tools and knowledge to edit efficiently and effectively, and (priorities, people!) they can make you look goooood. 

So, don’t throw that work to your second cousin on your dad’s side. Not when it comes to something as important as your website or advertising material . . . unless that second cousin IS a professional, then by all means . . .

My children’s book artwork was done by Joshua Baker (link to website:, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in graphic and animation design.  We collaborate nicely. He is open minded, flexible, and communicates well and in a timely manner. He’s the BEST!!!

Okay, so I plugged some people and companies, not so you’ll use them specifically, but so you understand that it takes a team of professionals to chase dreams—to . . . you know . . . create a masterpiece.

Love to you all. May God bless your projects and put you in the hands of good, qualified people.

About the Author Robin Elaine

Having written her first poem at the age of eight, Robin Elaine has always had a desire to share her gift of words with the world. She officially began her writing career as a journalist for a New York-based magazine that focused on small town happenings in West Virginia. She began working as a newspaper reporter in 2013 and continues to write stories as assigned. However, she has turned her love of writing over to her passion for poetry, prose and fiction. Her current project—one that has been many, many years in the making—is her novel, Terrebonne, a Christian fiction novel of lost and found.

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