Not everything God asks you to do makes sense. Not right away . . . and sometimes never. But trust God when He tells you to do something. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about that inkling—that inspiration, that idea—that honestly and truly makes zero sense. That seems silly. That doesn’t add up in your idea of how something should be done. 

But just do it. Just trust it. Just trust Him

How many times have God’s followers looked stupid while following God’s instructions? Remember when He said: 

March circles around a wall, then yell at it.

Go, and run straight into the Red Sea.

Talk to the rock, then hit it with your staff.

To onlookers, it must have looked like insanity! How crazy it must have seemed to see God’s followers acting in such ways.

But we’re not asked to understand God’s ways; we are only asked to OBEY.

So I say, “Go look stupid!” If God asks it of you, do not question it. You need not always have a plan, because God has one; but you do need to always follow His instructions. Pray about your endeavors—your hopes, your dreams, your needs—then open your mind and listen. Then, be obedient. Stupidity to us is strategy to the Lord.

So, my sweet and dear friend, if I see you talking to a donkey or a burning bush, I promise I will give you the privacy you deserve and walk quietly away. Likewise, if you see me passing a basket of only five loaves and two fish to an army of one thousand strong, please smile and nod as you pass by.

Cheers!! Would anyone like a glass of wine water?

About the Author Robin Elaine

Having written her first poem at the age of eight, Robin Elaine has always had a desire to share her gift of words with the world. She officially began her writing career as a journalist for a New York-based magazine that focused on small town happenings in West Virginia. She began working as a newspaper reporter in 2013 and continues to write stories as assigned. However, she has turned her love of writing over to her passion for poetry, prose and fiction. Her current project—one that has been many, many years in the making—is her novel, Terrebonne, a Christian fiction novel of lost and found.

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